AirtelTigo is one of the leading telecommunication network providers. It has the third-highest number of subscribers in Ghana after Airtel and Tigo merged in October 2017. 

Although AirtelTigo isn’t available in many rural areas, they’re very popular when you go to the cities.

This article will look at AirtelTigo data bundle code and some special package packages you need to look at.

AirtelTigo Data Bundle Code

The code for buying AirtelTigo data bundle is *111#, and select your preferred data offer.

This will allow you to choose from their available data plans, which will be explained one after the other in this post.

AirtelTigo Data Offers

Below are some great offers from AirtelTigo.

AirtelTigo BigTime Data

AirtelTigo’s BigTime data bundles offer from 25MB up to 10.4GB of data at a price from GHS 0.5 to GHS 50.

This data bundle has amazing packages since it does not expire. Meaning when you buy this BigTime data bundle, you need not to think about your data bundle being expired. It will be available as long as you want until you finish using everything. 

Read more about this offer here: AirtelTigo BigTime Data Bundle.

AirtelTigo Sika Kokoo Bundle

AirtelTigo Sika Kokool bundle allows you to purchase or buy an Internet data bundle at an extremely low price. This data bundle will last up to 5 days, meaning these data bundles expire after 1 to 5 days depending on the package you selected, unlike the big-time plan, which does not expire.

To buy this bundle, you must know that the price starts from 3 Ghana cedis to 20 Ghana cedis for a data bundle from 1 GB to 7 GB and last for a lot from one day to 5 days depending on the package you choose.

This is useful if you want to make some lite downloads and streamings.

Read more about this package by clicking this link.

AirtelTigo Night Data Bundle

This is another data package for the night owls, those who like doing stuff at night. This data bundle is only active from 12 am to 4 am. This means you can only use this data bundle at this time. You can not use it during the day. I recommend this to you if you can wake up at dawn. This is so cheap, so downloading large files with this data bundle is highly recommended.

To read more about this package, click on the link provided:

AirtelTigo Family Pack XXL

With AirtelTigo Family Pack (XXL), you can share your data with up to 3 family members and have a fantastic experience streaming music and watching movies. This makes your home an exciting place since we all love to be connected to the world.

You can buy your Family Pack (XXL) from the price GHS 99 to GHS 350, which gives you a data volume from 25GB to 17GB, depending on the amount you choose. The data bundle expires after 30 days.


So these are the 4 deals we’ve spotted out there. Let us know in the comments if we missed anything. Always remember we are available to give the best content. We would be much grateful if you would spend some of your time sharing this with others. Now let us look at some questions asked most of the time by AirtelTigo subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the code for AirtelTigo Bundle?

The code for AirtelTigo Bundle is *111#. Select the best plan and choose the best package for you.

How do I bundle on AirtelTigo?

To make data bundle on AirtelTigo, Dial *111# and choose your preferred package.

How do you check for data bundle on AirtelTigo?

To check your data bundle on AirtelTigo, dial *124#, your remaining data will be displayed on your screen.