Mikasa Ackerman; A Deuteragonist in the Japanese manga series Attack on Titan

Mikasa Marley

Creation This anime character is one of the deuteragonists alongside Armin Alert of the Attack on Titan manga series. Eren Yeager and Armin Alert are her childhood friends. She normally hides her feelings for Eren but she deeply cares for him. Sharing a formidable bond with Eren because of a shared past, she showed concern […]

What does TBA mean?

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What does TBA mean? We all send messages on our various social media platforms. Sometimes we want to send a lengthy message but we don’t want to write everything. That’s where shorthands come in our messages. One particular shorthand that’s quite popular is TBA. What is TBA? Does it have one meaning? or does it […]

Connor Beck; Full Details on His Arrest

Connor Beck Georgia

Connor Beck; Full Details on His Arrest Connor Beck Biography Connor Beck has a long history of arrests. He was arrested in 2015 for driving under influence of alcohol. Connor Beck Age He was born on 29 July 1994. He is currently 27 years old. Why was He Arrested? We have two Connor Becks; one […]

Goku; The lead protagonist in the Dragon Ball series

goku dragon ball guru

Creation The original incarnation of Goku in the Dragon Ball prototype Dragon Boy was Tangtong. The original inspirations for that story were Hong Kong martial arts films, including Bruce Lee films such as Enter the Dragon (1973) and Jackie Chan films such as Drunken Master (1978); Toriyama later said he had a young Jackie Chan […]

Top 10 Most Handsome Men In The World 2022

Handsome Men

In the past few days, I published a post about the Top 10 sexiest bald men in the world, and I received a lot of comments in some of my social media handles to write about the most handsome men in the world today. It seems like the men are enjoying the appearance of the hottest […]

Megumi Fushiguro; A character from Japanese Manga Jujutsu Kaisen

Megumi Fushiguro Anime 2

Creation According to Akutami, Megumi was designed to be a foil to Itadori and Nobara Kugisaki. He was written to a more insightful character than either due to his greater acclivity towards negative thinking and lack of trust towards others. Akutami also stated that he is a more “rather depressing” character than Itadori and that […]