How To Stop Facebook From Announcing Your Birthday To Friends

stop facebook from announcing your birthday to friends

Hope you are wondering how to stop Facebook from announcing your birthday to friends. Facebook is a social media that connects us with friends and family. Facebook is doing a great job by bringing us together irrespective of your location. You may meet childhood friends and classmates on this platform. Also, people advertise products and […]

How To Use WhatsApp On PC Without Smartphone

how to use whatsapp without smartphone

How to use WhatsApp on PC without Smartphone? Unlike Facebook, Telegram, and others, WhatsApp is designed mainly for Smartphones. Although there are desktop and web versions of the app, you can not use it alone unless you have it installed and configured on your Smartphone first. What happens when your phone got spoiled or do […]

How To Delete Adobe Account

how to delete adobe account

If you are not interested in Adobe for whatever reason and want to delete your account, this article will give you the precise method on how to delete Adobe account. You can delete your adobe account in two ways: sending them a request through email for your account to be deleted, and the other is […]

Best Ways To Fix YouTube Error 400 On Android

fix youtube error 400

How to fix YouTube error 400 on Android YouTube is the most popular video platform and some recognizing it as a video search engine. Recently there has been a challenge that YouTube Android users are facing which is they see an error message “There was a problem with the server [400]”. This article will explain […]