As we all waiting for WAEC Ghana to release the results of the recent BECE, this post answers the following questions for students;

  1. How can I check my BECE on my Own?
  2. How Check BECE results on Phone?
  3. How can I check my jss3 result online?
  4. How much is WAEC scratch card online?
  5. How can I check my WAEC result via SMS?
  6. Can I get WAEC scratch card online?
  7. How do I use my scratch card to check WAEC result?

It is always our wish to see our results before anyone else but here is the case where your parents will call you from a printing press to mention your index number to them so that they can check for you. And the most painful part is joining a very long queue at a printing press or café center for them to check your results.

This article will explain how you can check your result yourselves with your phone and save a PDF copy for printing and reference.

This will not only prevent people you do not want to see your result from seeing but also save you the time you will use to join long queue and money.

What you will need to check your result

The following are the things you will need or the requirements.

  • Your Smartphone (Android or iPhone) or Computer
  • Internet connection. You will need an internet connection.
  • WAEC card Serial number and PIN. Do not worry, I will show you how to get one.
  • Your Index Number and Date Of Birth. Make sure your index number is correct and for your date of birth, use the one you used during registration.
  • At least GHC11.00 on your MoMo account to purchase the WAEC Card.

How to Buy WAEC Card With Mobile Money

There are many ways you can get a WAEC card such as going to the bank. But to save time we will buy some from mobile money.

Follow the steps below to get your result checker using your phone and Mobile Money to Pay. I will be using MTN Mobile money for this process.

  1. Dial your mobile money shortcode or USSD code. MTN is *170#.
  2. Select option 2 which is MoMoPay & Pay Bill.
  3. Select Pay Bill which is also option 2.
  4. Select option 5, General Payment.
  5. It will ask you to enter the payment code. The payment code is monicliq.
    Take note the spellings very well.
  6. You will be asked to enter an amount. Enter 11 for one card. The cost of a card is GHC11.00, so if you want to buy more than one, then multiply the number by GHC11.00. If you are buying six or more cards, you can get a card at GHC10.00.
  7. You’ll be asked to Enter Reference, the reference number for WAEC card is WAEC.
  8. Confirm by entering your mobile money pin.
  9. Wait for some time to receive an SMS with your card details. (Serial number and PIN). If you face any challenge buying the card, you can contact monicliq on this number: +233244783838.
  10. Now let us move to the next step if you have received your card details.
  • Remember this card can be used to check all kinds of WAEC exams. Such as WASSCE, BECE, ABCE and

How to Check  Your BECE or WASSCE Result

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can check your result both BECE and WASSCE.

  1. Visit  this is an official website of WAEC where student checks their results. At times there might some delay in loading the website due to the number of people accessing the website at that time.
  2. On the website, You will see a form to fill, here is what you’ll do at each step.
  3. At the first section,  you will be asked to Enter your examination information. At the Index Number field, Enter your full 10 digits index number. The type of Examination, if it is BECE, Select BECE and enter your BECE year, in our case 2020.

In the second section, this section is for BECE and Private WASSCE (NOV-DEC). Enter the date of birth used during registration. Check BECE Results on Phone

The next section is where you will enter your card details. The serial number mostly starts with a letter and the PIN is a 12-digits number.

Click submit below the year. Wait for some time, a popup window or a new tab will appear with your results. Check, Click print and save as PDF for printing and reference.

Confirm your examination details by re-entering your Index number and Examination year.

If you want us to check your result and send it to you through WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Email, SMS. Then Call or Send us SMS on 0543555035 (not WhatsApp). It is only GHC16.00.

Note the following

  1. A card can be used to check the results of only one student. You can not use one card to check results for two students.
  2. A student can use the card only three times. After that, you need to buy another one if you want to check your results for the fourth time.