Desktop Google Search Now Have Dark Mode

Not long ago, Google introduced dark mode in most of its apps on mobile and now this amazing feature is available to desktop users. This is very nice and I am glad to see my search engine also in a dark mode. This article will teach you how to activate this feature and also how to deactivate it.

This dark mode feature enables you to turn the appearance of Google Search website into a dark colour or dull colour. This is useful especially at night because it emits less light compared to the bright or light mode, this hurts our eyes.

Also, dark mode reduces battery consumption of our computers.

And some people like myself love dark screens.

How to Activate Dark Mode in Google Search

It is very easy to activate this dark mode feature. Follow the steps below to activate this mode.

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. At the right bottom of the page ( you see settings. Click on it.
  1. A menu will appear, click on search settings.
  1. The setting page of your Google Search will be opened. Make sure Search Settings is selected on your left-hand side and look for Appearance. You will see three modes which you can switch between them. Now let me explain what they mean.

    Device default: This option will be check to see if your device is in dark mode or not. If your computer is in dark mode, your google search too will be in dark mode, vice versa.

    Dark theme: This option will turn your search engine to dark mode all the time unless you change it.

    Light theme: This will also turn your google search to light colour all the time unless you change it.
  1. Click on Save at the bottom of the page and click on Ok if you receive any prompt.
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How to Deactivate Dark Mode in Google Search

Follow the steps below to deactivate dark mode or switch your google search appearance to the light theme.

  1. Open
  2. Look for Settings at the bottom of google’s homepage.
  3. A list of menus will pop up, select search setting.
  4. When the search setting page is opened, look for Appearance and select the Light theme.
  5. Click on the Save button and accept any prompt message.


Does the appearance setting affect other devices with the same google account?

Yes, this setting is applied to all devices you have logged in with the account the Google Account on your desktop.

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