Fix: This Group Can’t Be Displayed Error on Telegram

Fix This Group Can't Be Displayed Error on Telegram

The “this group can’t be displayed” error is a common issue faced by Telegram users, especially on iOS devices. This error prevents you from accessing certain groups and channels on the app.

The error message states that “this group can’t be displayed because it was used to spread pornographic content”.

However, the restriction is not always due to pornographic content. Sometimes, Telegram restricts groups that violate its Terms of Service in other ways.

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This article will discuss the main causes of this error, solutions to access restricted groups, and tips to avoid the issue in the future.

Fix This Group Can't Be Displayed Error on Telegram

Why Does the “This Group Can’t Be Displayed” Error Occur on Telegram?

Here are some common reasons why you may see this error on Telegram:

  • Location Settings: The error can occur if your Telegram location settings don’t match the restricted group’s target audience location. For example, if the group is meant for users in the USA but your location is set to India.
  • Violation of Terms of Service: Telegram restricts groups that violate its policy against illegal pornographic content, extremism, violence, etc.
  • Private or Deleted Groups: Access to private, secret groups or deleted groups can also show the same error message.
  • Restricted by Admins: Group admins can restrict users based on location, age, etc. which can trigger the error too.
  • Device Restrictions: On iOS, the error also appears for groups blocked by Telegram due to App Store guidelines. These include some adult groups.

How to View Restricted Groups on Telegram

If you come across a Telegram group that shows the “can’t be displayed” error, here are some tips to gain access:

Update Location Settings

If you want to update your location on your Telegram app, check the following steps.

  • Go to Telegram Settings
  • Then to Privacy and Security
  • Then to Phone Number
  • Your country code determines the location of your account. In order to change the country you need to change your phone number to the preferred country by choosing to change your phone number in step 2.

Use Telegram Web

Open and login with your account. Restricted groups may be accessible on the web version even if blocked on mobile.

Try Telegram Desktop App

Install the Telegram desktop app on your PC and check if you can view the restricted group on the desktop version.

Try Telegram APK

Do you know that, the Telegram APK version from the official website is different from the Playstore version due to some restrictions on the Playstore?

If you are an Android user you can download the APK version here (Telegram APK). Make sure you have enabled the install from Unknown sources option.

Use a VPN

Connecting via a VPN can bypass location restrictions by changing your virtual location. Try various locations on the VPN to see if the group opens.

Download Via Third-Party Apps

There are some third-party apps like GB Telegram that allow access to some restricted groups. However, use them at your own risk.

Ask the Admins

Contact the group admins and request access if you were blocked specifically by them. Admins can whitelist your account to regain access.

Tips to Avoid “This Group Can’t Be Displayed” Error

Here are some precautions you can take to prevent restricted access to Telegram groups:

  • Don’t join any groups that violate Telegram’s policies as they will likely get restricted.
  • Set your location accurately under Telegram’s Privacy and Security settings.
  • Make your Telegram number publicly visible for easier verification by group admins.
  • If admins restrict a group, immediately contact them to understand why and request access.
  • Use an official Telegram client instead of third-party mods which are more prone to restrictions.
  • Enable sensitive content visibility in Telegram’s settings if you want to access some adult groups.
  • Be cautious of shady groups spreading pornographic, extremist, or violent content. Report such groups to Telegram.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see this group can’t be displayed on Telegram?

You can’t view blocked groups directly on Telegram. But you can try methods like using a VPN, Telegram Web, Desktop app, or third-party apps. Also, request the group admin to whitelist you.

How to enable Telegram sensitive content?

Go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Sensitive Content and turn it on. This allows you to see some adult/risque groups, but extreme pornographic content may still be blocked.

How can I see blocked channels on Telegram?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to view blocked Telegram channels. Try accessing them through or Telegram Desktop to bypass some restrictions. Using a VPN may also work.

How can I download restricted videos from Telegram?

You can use third-party Telegram downloaders and mods to download restricted videos. However, this violates Telegram’s policy, so download at your own risk. The safest option is to request the uploader to share the video in a format you can save.


The “this group can’t be displayed” restriction on Telegram aims to curb policy violations but can affect benign users too.

By applying the right troubleshooting steps like changing location settings, using Telegram Web, or contacting admins, you may be able to regain access. Avoid high-risk groups, set your location accurately, and follow Telegram guidelines to stay secure.

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