HKU Portal: Best way to access University of Hong Kong Portal 2022

HKU Portal is a cloud-based portal that allows current University of Hong Kong students to easily register for courses, access important announcements, and view course or assignment grades.

How to log into HKU Portal

Simply follow the steps below to log into HKU Portal

  • Launch your favorite browser
  • in your browser, Go to
  • You will be directed to the HKU Portal Login screen
  • Enter HKU Portal UID
  • Enter PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  • Click on the LOG IN button to get access to the HKU Portal Dashboard

How to reset HKU Portal Forgotten Password

Simply follow the steps below to reset your password for the HKU Portal dashboard.

  • Navigate to the HKU Portal from the URL Shared above
  • You will be directed to the HKU Portal Student Portal login page
  • Click on the Forgot Password Link
  • Follow the screen instructions to get your account password recovered in a minute.
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