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TikTok has taken the world by storm, with over 1 billion monthly active users. Its fun short-form videos make it easy for anyone to create and share content. One of the most popular features on TikTok is live streaming, where creators can broadcast in real-time to their followers.

As TikTok live streams gain popularity, the role of moderators is becoming increasingly important. Moderators help maintain a positive environment in live streams by monitoring comments, blocking inappropriate users, and supporting the streamer. If you’re an avid TikToker interested in becoming a live moderator, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know.

Who is a TikTok Live Moderator?

A TikTok live moderator is someone appointed by the streamer to help manage their live video broadcast. As a moderator, your main responsibilities are:

  • Monitoring comments and conversations in the live chat
  • Blocking or removing users who post inappropriate or abusive comments
  • Supporting meaningful conversations and engagement between viewers and the streamer
  • Alerting the streamer to any issues or problems occurring in the live chat
  • Helping create a positive environment for the broadcaster and audience

Moderators serve as the extra eyes and ears for streamers during broadcasts. They help maintain community guidelines so the streamer can focus on engaging with their audience.

Do TikTok Live Moderators Get Paid?

For the most part, TikTok live moderators are volunteers who help out streamers they enjoy watching. Moderating is seen as a way to support your favorite creator’s content.

However, some brands and influencers with large followings do pay moderators for their time and work. The pay rate varies depending on the streamer’s budget and how often they go live.

If you’re interested in becoming a paid moderator, your best bet is to reach out to creators you already watch and interact with. Make sure to highlight why you’d make a great moderator and your relevant skills or experience.

What Can You Do as a TikTok Live Moderator?

When added as a moderator for a live stream, you’ll have access to special tools to manage the audience and conversation. Here are some of the key abilities TikTok moderators have:

  • Manage Comments: Delete individual comments or blacklist certain words/phrases so inappropriate posts are automatically filtered out.
  • Time Out Users: Temporarily time out or restrict users from commenting if they are spamming or trolling.
  • Block Users: Permanently block users from commenting in the live if they repeatedly break rules or harass the streamer.
  • Invite Viewers to Go Live: Select audience members to join the broadcaster on camera during the live stream.
  • Give Gifts: Send virtual gifts to show support and appreciation for the streamer.

As a moderator, you play an important role in fostering community, positivity, and meaningful conversations in live streams. Use your abilities responsibly to create an engaging environment for viewers.

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How to Become TikTok Live Moderator

If you’re ready to step up and become a TikTok live moderator, here are some tips:

Be an Active Member in the Community

The best moderators are engaged, familiar members of a creator’s audience. Before applying to be a mod, consistently view, like, and positively comment on a streamer’s content. Become a recognizable member of their community.

Display Strong Communication Skills

Polite, clear communication is key for a moderator. Demonstrate your communication abilities by thoughtfully interacting with broadcasters and other viewers.

Understand TikTok’s Rules and Guidelines

Review TikTok’s community policies and live streaming guidance. Strong knowledge of the platform’s rules will help you effectively moderate.

Offer Your Help to the Streamer

Once you’ve built a rapport with a creator, directly offer to help moderate their lives. Send them a polite TikTok message explaining why you’d make a great mod. Highlight relevant skills or experience you have.

Learn and Use the Moderator Tools

If asked to be a mod, familiarize yourself with the live moderator tools right away. Test them out during streams to get comfortable managing comments, users, and more. Don’t be afraid to ask the streamer for tips!

Set Expectations with the Streamer

Discuss the streamer’s preferences and rules for moderation. Understand what’s allowed versus prohibited. Agreeing on ground rules upfront makes your job easier.

Act Quickly on Issues

During streams, promptly intervene on anything that violates rules or community guidelines per your agreement with the streamer. Acting quickly maintains a positive environment.

Be Fair and Consistent

Moderate all users according to the same standards. Avoid playing favorites or overstepping your role. Consistency earns you respect as a moderator.

With patience and perseverance, you can become a trusted moderator for your favorite TikTok creators. Always behave responsibly, support the streamer, and keep learning.

Can You Stop Being a TikTok Live Moderator?

Yes, if you no longer wish to continue moderating a TikTok live stream, you can resign from your role. Here’s the process:

  • During an active live broadcast, tap the moderator tools icon ⚙️ in the top right
  • Select “Leave as Mod” to resign your moderator status
  • The streamer will get a notification that you’ve left

Once you tap “Leave as Mod,” you’ll immediately revert to a normal viewer in the live stream. The broadcaster can also remove you as a moderator at any time from their account settings.

It’s courtesy to let the streamer know if you plan to stop moderating their lives. Send them a quick message explaining why you need to step down and thank them for the opportunity.

If you take a break but are open to moderating again in the future, make sure to communicate that too. Leaving the door open allows you to easily step back into the moderator role later on.

How Many Moderators Can You Have On TikTok Live?

TikTok currently allows broadcasters to appoint up to 20 moderators for a single live stream.

The ability to add multiple moderators is especially helpful for popular creators and brands who attract thousands of live viewers. With only 1 or 2 moderators, it would be extremely difficult to properly manage huge audiences.

More moderators spread out the work and provide:

  • Extra coverage of comments and chat
  • Ability to block or timeout more users simultaneously
  • Faster response time on issues
  • Backups if a moderator leaves unexpectedly

Too many moderators can also be problematic, leading to over-moderation or confusion. That’s why TikTok limits livestreams to 20 moderator accounts maximum.

How to Add Moderators on TikTok LIVE

If you’re a TikTok broadcaster who wants to add live moderators, here are the steps:

  1. Start a live stream
  2. Tap the viewer list icon 👥 at the top of the streaming interface
  3. Find the follower you want to make a moderator and tap their name
  4. Select “Make Moderator” from the menu
  5. The user will receive a notification inviting them to become your moderator
  6. Once they accept, they’ll have access to moderator tools in your lives

Make sure to only pick loyal followers you trust to responsibly moderate your streams. Monitor new mods and provide feedback to ensure they uphold your standards.

FAQs About Becoming a TikTok Live Moderator

How do you become a moderator on TikTok live?

Become an active, positive member of a streamer’s community. Once you build a rapport, directly offer to help moderate their lives. Highlight relevant skills and be familiar with TikTok’s rules.

Where is mod tools on TikTok?

In a TikTok live stream, tap the moderator tools icon ⚙️ in the top right corner to access comment and user management options. This icon only appears if you’re an appointed moderator.

Do TikTok mods get paid?

Most TikTok live moderators are unpaid volunteers helping streamers they enjoy. But brands/influencers with large followings sometimes pay skilled moderators for their work managing huge live audiences.

What is the job of TikTok moderator?

A TikTok moderator’s core job is maintaining a safe, positive environment in TikTok live streams. Key duties include monitoring comments, blocking abusive users, supporting the streamer, and fostering community engagement.


Becoming a TikTok live moderator lets you support creators you love while developing valuable communication and moderation skills. With the proper etiquette and motivation, you can land this exciting role in the thriving TikTok community. Follow the tips in this guide to go from avid viewer to trusted moderator.

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