How to Check MTN Number in Ghana – 2 Easy Methods

There have been so many requests on the question “how to check MTN number in Ghana?” from our dear friends of I know the pain you get through when you buy a new SIM card before you can remember your number. Since this has been a popular request from my dear friends, I’ll take my time to explain some ways you can check your MTN GH all the time and anywhere.

If you want to know how to check MTN number in Ghana, dial *156# and call, select option 1 (Check My Number) and your number will be displayed.

There are many ways one can check his number but my ideal way is by using their USSD method. Below are some ways you can check your MTN GH number.

How to Check MTN GH Number Using USSD

Initially, by typing *156#, you see your number on your screen only if there is a network. But there have been some changes by adding some other menu or option you need to select from. Follow the steps below to learn how to check your MTN number using USSD

Steps to Check MTN GH Number Using USSD

  • Dial *156# and call
  • It will give you about 5 options, select option 1 or reply with 1 which is 1. Check My Number
  • Voila! Your response or your next screen will be “Y’ello, your phone number is 233240000000“.
  • If you want your number without the country code, just replace the 233 with . In our case, our number is 0240000000.

Below are the options in *156# and their functions

  1. Check My Number: This option enables you to check your MTN GH phone number
  2. Internet Settings: This enables you to get their internet setting on your phone and check whether your mobile device supports LTE.
  3. Usage Summary: If you want to check the summary of the amount of data, voice and SMS you have used, also all your recharges and promotions then this option will help you.
  4. 4G SIM Change: This will let you change your 3G SIM to 4G SIM.
  5. Promo Points: This point is accumulated when you make payments to MERCHANT IDs.
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How to Check MTN Number in Ghana Using MyMTN App

Do you know you can also check your MTN number using MyMTN App? Follow the steps below.

  • Open MyMTN App (Register if you haven’t done it)
  • Click on the three horizontal bars on the app bar (located on your right-hand side).
  • Select Profile from the list of Menus that will appear.
  • Your Name, Your Number and SIM Activation date will be displayed.

To download MyMTN App, iOS users should click here while Android users should also click here.

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