How To Know That Your Number Is Blocked On WhatsApp

blocked on whatsapp

Techbossu shares a simple way for determining whether or not you have been blocked by someone on WhatsApp plus how to unblock yourself.

The fact that you can’t see the WhatsApp photo or the last saw are the first signals that you’ve been blocked. However, this does not necessarily signify that they have banned you; it might just mean that your phone number has been erased. Whether you don’t want to text them on WhatsApp, there is another way to see if you’ve been blocked.

The most straightforward method for determining whether or not someone has blocked you on WhatsApp.

  • Check If the profile image is displayed, go on; if not, continue.
  • Send a message to the victim; if it is not sent, keep reading.
  • Look for the “about” section. If you see any captions, you’re safe; otherwise, if you simply see numbers like this, continue.

In the example above, you may have been blocked on whatsapp by the user.

How To Know Someone Blocked Your WhatsApp Number

1. Try adding the number you suspect to WhatsApp Group

Create a new Whatsapp group and just invite the person you believe has blocked you. If that individual is successfully joined to your group, you are no longer blocked by that person. If an error occurs, you will undoubtedly be blocked.

2. Delete their contact to investigate

If you believe you have been blocked on WhatsApp has banned you, erase their contact, but keep the messages you’ve had with them.

Open Whatsapp on your android after you’ve completed this, open any conversations you have had with that individual. On the top green bar, click on their phone number. The details screen (the one with shared media and so on) appears. You can see the person’s name on the bottom right of the screen where their image should have been if they hadn’t blocked you. If you can see that, they may have just erased your phone number without blocking you. It’s likely that you’ve been blocked if you can’t see that.

How To Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp

So here are the steps to being unblocked.

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Go to the Accounts tab.

3. Choose the fourth option, which is to delete the account.

4. Yes, you read it correctly, you should delete your account.

5. Go to the Google Play Store or AppStore to reinstall WhatsApp after the account has been deactivated.

6. Once you are done with installation and setup you will be unblocked. 


What Happens When Someone Blocks You On WhatsApp?

After someone blocks you on WhatsApp, you will not be able to see their online status, profile picture, status, about etc.


If you have been blocked on whatsapp, it is easy for you to tell using the tips listed in this article. Someone may block you on WhatApp for private reasons.

If you use the procedure above to unblock yourself on WhatsApp, you may eventually get blocked again. The best thing to do is to sort out whatever issues you have if it does not go through then thats it.

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