How To Make Emojis On Computer Keyboard

Emoji has become part of our everyday conversation. We use emojis in our social media chats, posts and statuses. Emojis are the small images we use in a chat to express our emotions and reaction.

Emojis express how bored, happy, or confused in a chat better than a text. Using emojis in your messages make your conversation more friendly and natural more than text-only messages.

I know you have used Emojis on your smartphone for sometimes, which is very easy.

This article will teach you how to make emojis on computer without any other third-party software, or google the emoticon on using google and paste it in your message or chat which takes more time.

For Windows Users – How to Type Emoji on Computer Keyboard

You can insert an emoji using your Windows OS without any third party software by following the following;

  1. Place your cursor where you want to enter your emoji.
  2. Press Windows key + Period Key (.)
  3. You will see a box below your insertion point which contains a list of emojis.
  4. Pick the one you like by clicking on it. You can also search for an emoji by using the search feature or the categories tabs.

For MAC Users – How to Make Emojis on Computer Keyboard

Follow the steps below to insert emoji in your chat or document on MAC;

  1. Place and click on where you want to insert your emoji.
  2. On your keyboard, press Command + Control + Spacebar. Make sure you press these three keys at the same time.
  3. You can select your emoji by searching for it using the search feature or select the appropriate category using the category tab beneath the box.


Do not try to download any other software that will help you do this simple task. This can occupy some space and also if you fail to download the right also, it may lead to the installation of adware and spyware.

Also, time is precious. Do not waste your time to search for an emoji on google and paste it at where you want to save it. It will cost you a lot of time.

To insert emoji on your computer, use Windows Key + Period Key on windows and Command + Control + Space on Mac.

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