How To Protect Your Mobile Money Account

protect your mobile money account

If you want to keep your mobile account or wallet more secure in a way that you won’t fall into the hand of fraudsters and thefts then this post is for you. This post gives you 8 ways to protect your mobile money account.

There have been a lot of complaints about mobile money fraud and others too complaining of missing money from their wallet, their telecommunication network stealing their money, and so on. Because of these complaints, that is why we have compiled the best ways to protect your mobile money account in order to avoid all these complaints.

Ways to Protect your Mobile Money Account

1. Avoid using easy to guess PIN codes

I know many of you are victims of this. Fraudsters and thefts try to get your PIN code by using things that are around you. Choose a strong password that will be easy for you to remember but not easy to guess. Never use your date of birth, date of birth of a relative, ID number, card number, house number, and easy to guess passwords like 0000, 1234, 1122, etc. Don’t use three repeating digits like 2223 and 4555. Also, avoid consecutive numbers like 2345, 6789, etc.

2. Keep your PIN code secret

protect your mobile money account

Your PIN code is the key to your account, giving someone your PIN code is like giving the person a key to your room. He can get in your room at any time and do or take whatever he wants. Don’t be tempted to give your PIN code to anyone.

Never send anyone to withdraw money from your mobile money account on your behalf and never give your PIN code to any mobile money agent, they have nothing to do with it.

3. Change your PIN code regularly

Do not use the same PIN code for years. You can change it anytime you feel like changing it. This is very useful when you feel like someone has your PIN code.

Whenever you change your PIN, anyone with the old PIN code can not access your PIN code again. This is useful when you notice unusual activities in your account.

4. Accept approval requests you are sure of

Always ensure that, before you accept approval requests by entering your PIN, make sure you are aware of the transaction. Double-check to see whether the request is from the right person and with the correct amount.

Do not enter your PIN to accept any money request you don’t know anything about.

5. Avoid making transactions in public

This has happened to a friend and this is one of the reasons for writing this post.

A thief can watch over your shoulder to see your PIN-code and later attack you for your phone. They will immediately withdraw your money, throw your sim card away and take your phone and the money.

Try as much as possible to make transactions in private to prevent this kind of theft.

6. Turn off your keypad tone

This may seem weird but it is true. Every key on your phone has its own tone. Someone who is interested in your PIN code can record the tone and look for its correspondent keys to get your PIN code.

It is better to turn your keypad tone off. Turning it off will also save your battery.

7. Do not write your PIN code

Do not be tempted to write your PIN anywhere, either in your diary, notebook etc. Remember your PIN should be something you can remember but not easy for others to guess.

8. Don’t fall for unrealistic offers

Fraudsters find many ways to trick people in order to get access to their Mobile Money account. As MTN GH always says “You only win in a promotion you have participated in”. If you get a call or an SMS from an individual claiming to be an agent from a company, to ensure that it is not a fraudulent activity, call the company customer care or support team to verify before. You can find customer support numbers of most companies by googling them.


Always make sure you keep your account safe, Mobile Money is here to help. I know if you leave your house open and go to work, robbers can enter at any time and take whatever they want. In the same way, if you fail to protect your Mobile money account, people can get into your account and take whatever they want from it.

Thank you so much for reading. We encourage you to share with friends and family for them to be aware of the above ways to protect their mobile money account. If you have any questions you can ask in the comment box also you can add your contributions there too.

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