Siri is your personal assistant on your iOS and iPadOS devices. But now with the iPhone 12, there have been many changes.

This is how to use Siri on the iPhone 12.

How to Set Up Siri on iPhone 12

  1. Open the Settings application.
  2. Look through the list of options and tap on “Siri & Search“.
  3. Toggle the “Listen for ‘Hey Siri’” and “Press Side Button for Siri” options on.
  4. You’ll be asked a few questions for speech recognition after turning on “Listen for ‘Hey Siri,’” so Siri can listen for your voice.

To activate Siri, you can either “Listen for ‘Hey Siri’” or “Press Side Button for Siri,” depending on your preferences. Siri will be activated on your iPhone when you say “Hey Siri.”

Here’s how to use both Siri options if you have them enabled.

For Listen for “Hey Siri” option, you’ll be asked to say a few lines after turning this option on so Siri can know your voice. You’ll be able to ask Siri anything after that!
For the Press Side Button for Siri option, you’ll need to press and hold the Side button to enable Siri.

iOS 14 Siri

The primary goal of Siri is to enable you to perform some tasks on your iPhone using voice commands. You can ask Siri to perform some basic stuff without touching your phone.

In each iOS update, Apple comes with an improvement to Siri to understand commands better and perform some complex tasks.

In the latest iOS 14, these are some of the things you should expect from Siri.

  • More Answers: Although Siri was able to answer a lot of questions, Apple has improved it more that you can search for a lot of things.
  • New Interface: Siri used to take up the entire screen of your phone, but with this new update, it comes with the Siri icon appearing at the bottom of the display to show that it has been activated.
  • Intercommunication: Siri can now communicate with other Apple devices in your house or office. It can be used as intercom.
  • SuggestionsThe Shortcuts app has made it easier for users to access variety of functions.
  • Translation: Siri’s ability to translate languages has improved, especially with the addition of Apple’s new Translate app.
    Voice MessagesOver the years, voice messaging has grown in popularity. You can now send voice messages as well as text messages via iMessage.

Siri Settings

You can change some settings on the “Siri & Search” page of your iPhone 12’s settings. Here’s what each of them does:

Allow Siri When Locked: You can activate Siri from your Lock Screen without unlocking your iPhone.

Language: This is the language that Siri communicates in. Apple has support for several languages and even different dialects of specific languages.

Siri Voice: This setting changes the voice of Siri.

Siri Responses: You can change when Siri uses Spoken Resnposes, shows Siri’s captions, or displays your speech transcript on-screen.

My Information: Siri will take information from this Contact Card so that you can use shortcuts like “My Home” or “My E-mail Address.”

“Hey Siri” isn’t working on your iPhone or iPad?

Make sure you have enabled the “Hey Siri” option. You can do that by following the guide above.

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