iPhone 6s Plus Price In Ghana With Specifications

This article will let you know the iPhone 6s Plus price in Ghana, the right places to buy your iPhone 6s plus, and its specifications.

What is iPhone 6s Plus Price in Ghana?

The price of Apple’s iPhone 6s ranges from GHS 900 to GHS 1900, depending on the device’s storage size. However, the price can be lower or higher, but we will try our best to update them.

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Shops That Sell iPhone 6s in Ghana and Their Prices

iPhone 6s Plus Price in Ghana at Freddies Corner

The price of iPhone 6s Plus at Freddies Corner is as follows; 16GB storage costs GHS 1320, 32GB storage costs GHS1420, and 128GB storage costs GHS 1570. They have four different colours available, which include; blay, rose gold, silver, and grey. However, the prices may vary over time, as stated earlier.

iPhone 6s Plus Price in Ghana at Jumia

Since Jumia is a multivendor platform, the price of iPhone 6s plus has different prices. You can search for your best seller with good product and seller review—however, the prices range from GHS950 to GHS 1900.

Price of iPhone 6s Plus at iStore Ghana

iStore is one of Apple’s stores in Ghana; they sell only Apple products. But if you want to know the price of the iPhone 6s plus, you need to request a free quote.

iPhone 6s Plus price at SuperPrice

Superprice.com is another eCommerce store in Ghana. They have two variations of the iPhone 6s plus. One is with 16GB storage which costs GHS 1,199, and the other is with 64GB storage which also cost GHS 1,269

Features of iPhone 6s Plus

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The prices vary from store to store and others to run promotional offers, which affects the prices here. Let us know of any problems, questions, and contributions in the comment box.

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