MTN GH Customer Care Numbers And Social Media Handles

MTN GH customer care

This article will show you all channels to contact the support unit of MTN GH from voice calls to social media.

MTN Ghana is the largest telecommunication network in Ghana. MTN GH has the largest number of subscribers.

There are is a time that you want to contact MTN customers support to make complaints, for assistance, or to learn more about one of their products or offers.

How to Call MTN GH customer support

You can call MTN customer care with the number 100. This is for only MTN GH customers who want to call MTN GH and it is free of charge.

If you are using a different network to call 100 will direct you to the customer care of the network you are using.

If you are using a different network and want to call MTN GH support then you can call the number +233244300000. Remember that, you will be charged equally as calling a normal MTN number.

Also, all the above numbers come with prerecorded voices to assist you. Select the right language and the right category of your problem. They have an option that will allow you to speak to a human agent.

How to Email MTN GH customer support

If for some reason s you want to email MTN GH support agents. The email for MTN customer care is [email protected].

Make sure your message is easy to understand and must use a good heading or subject.

Note that email messages are not instant and may take time before they reply to you.

How to Contact MTN GH on Twitter

MTN GH is very active on Twitter these days. Twitter is the 8th most visited social media and it is a very loud voice in terms of decision making in the country.

MTN GH has taken this advantage to interact with its subscribers. Subscribers can now ask questions directly by mention any of their two handles.

The two Twitter handles of MTN Ghana are @MTNGhana or @AskMTNGhana.

If you want to ask them anything, just mention them, and add your message then tweet. They will reply to your message with an answer or solution to your problem.

How To Contact MTN GH on Instagram

Instagram is another social media platform with a huge number of active Ghanaian users.

You can contact MTN Ghana on Instagram by following their account. The official account of MTN Ghana on Instagram is MTNGhana.

You can DM (direct message) them or mention them in a post. I suggest you DM them, which will be much faster.

MTN Ghana on Facebook

I commend MTN Ghana for the way they assist their users on Facebook. You can follow their page for posts relating to your problem.

You can also post your problem for a representative to assist you within a short time.

You can follow the official MTN Ghana Facebook page here MTNGhana.

How to Contact MTN Ghana on WhatsApp

As you can see, almost anyone with a smartphone in Ghana has WhatsApp installed. Because of this MTN GH is using this medium to assist its users.

You can contact MTN Ghana on WhatsApp at +233554300000. Just save their number on your phone and message them. It is not instant but they’ll surely reply.

How to Contact MTN Ghana on Ayoba

MTN Ghana can not assist users on different platforms forgetting their own Ayoba.

Ayoba is an Africa owned instant messaging app like WhatsApp. You can also contact MTN Ghana on Ayoba by messaging their number on Ayoba +233559300000.

How to Contact MTN Ghana on Skype

Skype is a communication application that allows users to make video calls, voice calls, send and receive messages over the internet.

To contact MTN Ghana on Skype, their official account username is Customercaremtngh.


All the above numbers and accounts are confirmed ways to contact MTN Ghana. Apart from these, using any other accounts may be at your own risk.

However, some of the media takes time for a representative to get to you so have patience. You can try one or two of the channels at a time.

Thank you so much for reading our article. You can post your questions in the comment box below. All suggestions are also welcome.

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