Not every HR and payroll management solution is meant the same for each business. To make the right choice one must have to be aware of the major features of the HR and payroll services.

HR and payroll management are the core departments of any organization that carries most of the burden of a business. And directly involved in the ratio of progress and development of the organization. From the onboarding of employees to the distribution of salaries HR and payroll staff is responsible for all aspects of finance and data management. 

Grateful to live in a digital world that provides a  lot of modern HR and payroll management solutions. HR and payroll software is an excellent tool to deal with the right priorities and hectic procedures of recruiting and onboarding employees. Payroll and HR both require utmost care to avoid the serious consequences of slight negligence. However, a digital system to manage new hires and payroll policies eliminates the chance of error and ensures maximum efficiency. 

Various companies such as Netchex are providing different types of HR and payroll software. Each software has its distinct features and specifications and is only suitable for a particular type of business. However, some features of the best HR and payroll software include: 

Recruitment and Onboarding of New Hires 

Recruiting and hiring new employees is not less than a headache. It consumes a lot of time for the HR department. However, the implementation of the right HR tool can reduce the pain points of this process. 

A well-organized HR software allows you to automatically post job ads for vacant positions. It also provides you assistance in the short listings of candidates according to the requirements of the job, skills, and experience. HR and payroll management software enables you to select the right candidate for the right position. 

Moreover, HR tools also help in the streamlining of new hires. It provides automatic and scheduled training programs for the onboarding of new employees. HR and payroll software with this feature is a great relief for the HR team because it eliminates the chances of errors and mistakes.

Profile and Documents Management 

The main function of the HR and the payroll department is to maintain the figures, important data, and financial statements. An excellent HR and Payroll software helps you to maintain the profile of employees by providing all the crucial database information. Therefore, you can easily manage all the information such as age, name, gender, skills, payment, and experience. These tools ensure the safety of important information by offering a dual verification strategy to limit access. 

HR and payroll also comprise the feature to maintain and keep the important documents. It is quite hard to maintain all the documents in hard copy and then keep these piles of files in a safe place. There’s always a chance of missing some important documents. Therefore, HR and payroll management solutions are the best weapons to tackle this dilemma.  

Statutory Compliance 

An effective payroll management software allows you to control and complain with the statutory criteria. And allows you to access all your branches from home. It helps you to understand the legal terms and tax payment conditions of all the countries. HR and payroll tools must have the feature to automatically generate reports, and tax statements for submitting to the concerned departments. 

It also helps the employees with state insurance and filling the tax documents. An effective payroll tool is always connected with the WPS system of the government. 

Hassle-Free Payroll  Processing 

With an increasing number of employees, it’s a hectic job to keep a record of all the payment details of each employee. And a slight error or missing an addition of a single digit to the wrong place can lead to serious blunders that end up with heavy penalties. Therefore, the implementation of a digitized payroll system is the best way to eliminate the risk of error miscalculation.

The major benefit of having payroll and HR management software is making the payroll process easy and error-free. A good quality payroll tool can always generate automatic pay slips and keep the record of time, holidays, and working hours of the employees. And to keep a record of employees’ working hours, time tracking management software of Netchex is always a perfect choice. It provides all the working details of employees and enhances their efficiency. 

To sum it up, an effective HR and payroll management software with all these features is worth investing in and making your HR department stress free.