The 2021/2022 UBIDS SRC Journal – The Khadi-Led SRC Administration Achievements



Miss Priscilla Khadi Vawurah was elected as the SRC President of SD Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies in 2021 by students, making her the first female SRC President of the school and the first student representation on the governing council.

Her works and compassion as a feminist with a purpose, a philanthropist, and a supporter of social and development advocacy have had an impact on both students and the larger university community. Even though there were many difficult times during her tenure as SRC President, she made strenuous efforts to ensure the welfare of all university students.  She is well known by students as the “Mother for All!”.


The 2021/2022 KHADI-LED SRC Administration accomplished a number of milestones with the aid of management. Many of which students have knowledge of, and there are those that were foundations that the administration has laid behind the scenes to ensure that successive SRC/NUGS executives will have an enabling working relationship with relevant stakeholders of the university.

The Social Media and Publications Committee has compiled 33 achievements of the KHADI-LED SRC Administration, titled THE SRC JOURNAL. The journal adopted a combination of pictures with crisp and incisive text. It is a testimony to the SRC President’s vision to impact positively on the lives of students at the university. The journal also shows how far her bold and decisive leadership has brought the UBIDS SRC.

In highlighting these achievements, the former SRC President, Miss Priscilla Khadi Vawurah, acknowledges the enormous contributions and support of management, students, and the entire university community of SDD UBIDS.

Below is the the 2021/2022 UBIDS SRC JOURNAL.

Danny Yebs

Danny Yebs

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