Strongest Currencies in Africa

As a country, having a strong currency is necessary for a variety of economic reasons and benefits. This is usually a crucial indicator for determining a country’s economic strength. Africa as a continent isn’t left out, as there are African countries with powerful currencies when compared to the dollar.

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To clarify it further, one could say that a country with a strong currency has more purchasing power than other countries throughout the world. When it comes to Africa, some currencies are stronger than others due to the state of the continent’s economy.

The top 15 most powerful currencies in Africa are listed here, in order of their worth, purchasing power, and exchange rate versus the dollar, from strongest to weakest.

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The 15 most powerful African currencies in 2022 are listed below.

Top 15 Strongest Currencies in Africa

South African Rand4.56%1st
Namibian Dollar4.49%2nd
Botswana Pula1.76%3rd
Uganda Shilling0.84%4th
Egypt Pound0.02%5th
Cote D’ Voire Cfa0.00%6th
Malawi Kwacha0.00%7th
Tunisia Dinar0.07%8th
Tanzania Shilling-0.01%9th
Kenya Shilling-0.43%10th
Mauritius Rupee-0.43%11th
Nigerian Naira-0.82%12th
Morocco Dirham-1.18%13th
Ghana Cedis-4.70%14th
Zambia Kwacha-11.29%15th

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