In a previous post, we discussed the world’s top ten most powerful militaries in 2022. In today’s post, we’ll also look at the Top 10 Most Powerful Military Forces in Asia by 2022.

Military power is an important aspect of every country. A strong military protects the sovereignty of a state and also contributes to a state’s political, social, and economic security. Therefore, every country strives to have a powerful military.

Strongest Militaries in Asia

This article ranks the top ten militaries in the Asia based on how powerful they are in 2022. Factors such as troop size, defense budget, and fighting capabilities were used to compile this list.

Here are the Top 10 Strongest Militaries in Asia;

Top 10 Strongest Militaries in Asia

Rank Strongest Militaries in AsiaPower index score
5.South Korea0.1261
8.Iran 0.2104

We hope this article has helped you to know the 10 most powerful militaries currently in the Asia.