Top 5 Websites To Buy And Sell Items In Ghana

This article is a compilation of top websites to buy and sell items in Ghana. If you are a seller that wants to list your item on online marketplaces or you are someone that wants to buy something, then the list below is what you are looking for.

These eCommerce platforms have helped many sellers, especially small businesses that want to sell their products to people around the country in so many ways. They help them to advertise and showcase their products and services to their customers nationwide.

These websites have also made it very easy for people to buy things they want. In addition, they have made it very easy to find the exact product you want.

Although, many people in Ghana do not trust these eCommerce platforms due to fraudulent activities of some users, late delivery, and not delivering the same product shown on their listing page.

Below is the list of some websites you can buy and sell items in Ghana with their pros and cons.

List of Online Buying and Selling Sites in Ghana

1. Jumia Ghana

Jumia has dominated the online market in Ghana and many other African countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia, and Uganda.

They have different categories of products. Some of their popular categories include fashion products for both men and women, electronics, groceries, health and beauty, phones and tablets, home and office products, and many more.

You can visit or download their mobile app to start buying whatever you need to buy on Jumia. But before you make a purchase, make sure you take note of every detail of the product, especially products and seller’s review.

You can also sell on Jumia by registering as a seller. You may be required to provide your business documents and bank account detail during registration. But, again, make sure you try to serve your customers better to get the best ratings for your products and store.

Visit their website on, or you can download their mobile app on AppStore, playstore, and another app market.

2. Jiji

Jiji Ghana is a classified website that allows people to sell and buy products online. You can buy different sorts of products, including automobiles and services.

Jiji allows you to sell both new and used products, and registering as a buyer on Jiji is very easy.

Buyers also have many products to choose from new to old. However, please take caution when buying things from Jiji. Make sure you read their safety tips to prevent yourself from being scammed.

You can visit their website or download their mobile app on the various app stores.

3. Zoobashop

Zoobashop is a Ghana-owned online retail shop that sells different kinds of products. Zoobashop sells many products, including electronics, mobile phones, fridges, TVs, and many more.

To sell on Zoobashop Ghana, you need to apply for the company to review your application. This will enable them to choose the right sellers.


4. BayGh

BayGh is one of the new shopping platforms that are doing extremely well in the market, and you can buy different kinds of products from them.

Users on BayGh can also choose to sell on the platform. You can list not only products but also services such as part-time teaching and design services.

You can visit the website of BayGH on

5. Shopintins

Shopintins is another online market place you can sell and buy items in Ghana. You can buy different kinds of items with reasonable price tags.

You can apply as a seller on shopintins to sell your products to people nationwide and outside Ghana.

Visit their website on


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