Are you an NSS Person? Need of money to support yourselves whiles waiting for the monthly 559 Allowance to be paid. Then Turtle Rent is the best option.

Turtle Rent for NSS and Nursing Student

Turtle Rent offers flexible loans to National Service Personnel, Workers, and Trainees from Ghanaian Nursing and Midwifery Institutions who receive a monthly allowance from Government institutions without the need for collateral or a guarantor.

Turtle Rent’s services are similar to those of NSS Direct Loan, where National Service Person can sign up and receive up to GHS 1000 loans in as little as 10 minutes.

In this article, we will guide you on how to sign for an Account and Request for 6,000GHS within an hour.

Turtle Rent Interest Rate

The interest rate for the NSS Direct Loan is 2.5% per month.

Turtle Rent Loan Requirements

  • You need to be newly posted as a National Service Personnel.
  • You have to be a registered and validated Subented National Sevice personnel.
  • You need to be a Nursing Student

How to Sign up for Turtle Rent Loans

  • Navigate to on your web browser.
  • Click on Request button
  • You will be directed to the Turtle Rent login page
  • Click on the Create Account button
  • Select your Client Group whether National Service or Nation Builders Group
  • Fill in your Personal information
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Click on the Sign up to register for Turtle Rent Loan Account

After creating your account, check the subsequent paragraphs to request a loan.

How to apply for Turtle Rent Loans

Follow the procedure below to request a loan from Turtle Rent

  • Navigate to on your web browser.
  • Click on Request button
  • Enter your Email Address/Phone Number
  • Enter Password
  • Click on the Sign in button to get access to the Turtle Rent Dashboard
  • Follow the screen instructions to request for a loan

Turtle Rent Contact Number

Turtle can be reached via the following contact information

WhatsApp Number : +233 54 663 5002

Email: [email protected]

Summing it

We hope that this article has helped you learn how to request a loan from Turtle Rent in just a few minutes. You can also check out our next article on Franko Phones: Apple iPhone Price List, Specs & more buy with MTN Momo