Top 13 UC Browser Add-Ons You Should Know in 2021

UC Browser has been among the top five internet browsers in various app markets. Its users love it because of its many features and, importantly, the availability of add-ons that gives it additional function and capability.

This article will look at some top UC Browser add-on that will enable you to make your browsing experience a smooth one and increase productivity.

What is Add-On for Browsers?

Add-On for browsers is a script, application, or module in a web browser that adds extra functionalities or features to a web browser. They are built mainly by third-party developers who think their functionality may be helpful to other users.

Top 13 UC Browser Add-Ons You Should Start Using

1. Browse Faster Add-On

The Browse Faster add-on clears all applications running in your device’s background to save RAM space for smooth and effective browsing.

2. Speed Mode Add-On

The Speed Mode add-on helps one to control how fast a page loads in a browser. You can switch between three modes which are lite mode, mobile version mode, and desktop version mode, base on your preference.

How to enable Speed Mode on UC Browser

  1. Click on the Speed Mode Icon on your toolbar.
  2. Select your preferred mode; lite, mobile version, or desktop version.
  3. Refresh the page to activate your selected mode.

3. Find In Page

Find in Page is a helpful feature you need to start using if you are not already using it. It is not only available in UC Browser but also in almost all the major browsers.

Find in Page allows you to search for or find specific words or phrases on a webpage.

To Open Find in Page

  1. Click on the Menu icon.
  2. Click on Find in Page.
  3. Type in the word or phrase you want to search in the text field that will appear and hit enter.
  4. All the matched words or phrases will be highlighted; you can navigate through them.

4. Save Page Add-On

The Save Page add-on enables one to download a webpage in order to open it from their device without an internet connection. This is useful if you need information from a page and do not want to connect to the internet anytime you open the page. This add-on enables you to save the page locally on your device.

5. Video Downloader Add-On

Video Downloader add-on enables you to save almost all in-browser videos without the use of any third-party app. You can use this add-on to quickly save videos from almost all the popular video streaming websites such as YouTube videos, Facebook videos, statuses, etc.

6. Unzip Add-On

If you work with zipped files or archived files all the time, then this add-on will make things easier for you. This Unzip add-on allows you to extract zipped or archived files right in UC Browser without the help of any other file extractor app.

7. Facebook Add-On

UC Browser’s Facebook add-on is a fantastic feature for Facebook lovers. The Facebook add-on gives you a great Facebook surfing experience. Also, the notification feature allows you to receive Facebook notifications from your even if you are not on

8. Ads Blocker Add-On

The Ads Blocker enables you to disable all ads scripts on a website. This is great if you do not want to be distracted by annoying and irrelevant ads. However, publishers also get paid to place ads on their website, which serves as revenue from the site.

9. Clipboard Manager Add-on

Mostly, you can only paste recently copied or cut text from the clipboard. With Clipboard Manager Add-on, you get access to the history of all copied and cut text in the clipboard that you can select from when pasting.

10. ScreenShot Add-On

The ScreenShot add-on is a great tool that allows you to take a screenshot of a webpage. It will enable you to take a selected section from the webpage, the current viewpoint, or the entire webpage. This is useful if you are giving a complaint or feedback and want a screenshot for better understanding. Web Designers and Developers also love this tool.

11. WebPage Translator Add-On

With WebPage Translator, you have the ability to convert the entire webpage from one language to another. This is very useful for those who work with clients from different countries and speak other languages.

12. QR Scanner Add-On

QR Scanner enables you to scan QR codes directly from your UC Browser. You do not need any third-party apps or QR Scanners to scan the QR codes of products.

13. Web to PDF Add-On

Similar to the Save Page add-on, Web to PDF add-on allows users to save all webpages as PDF files which can later be viewed using a PDF Viewer.


From the above-listed add-ons, we hope you were able to find your favourite ones. Do not forget to comment your favourite in the comment section below; you can also tell us your experience with any of these add-ons on UC Browser.

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