3 Best Ways To Get Virtual Credit Card In Ghana and Nigeria

If you are looking for best ways to get virtual credit card in Ghana, Nigeria or Africa and want the best way you can get a virtual credit card then this post is for you.

Credit-card has become part of our daily transactions in this modern world. Many Market platforms accept digital payments such as credit cards, cryptocurrency etc. Every market needs to get in to do digital platforms because it makes things easier, this makes it important for everyone to get a virtual mode of payments such as virtual credit cards or cryptocurrency or other digital payment gateway systems.

Now, what is a virtual card? It is also a credit card or a type of credit card that enable you to purchase items or things online without necessarily getting in contacts with the card itself unlike the normal virtual card, virtual card issuers only give you virtual card number, CVV and the expiry date of the card but not the physical card itself.

This can be used in both local and international transactions such as buying goods and services from online market places like Jumia, Amazon, Aliexpress, Alibaba etc. Also, you can use this card to pay for services and some also allow you to receive payments from others. You can use these cards to buy services such as hosting packages, freelancing services and many more.

Most people also need these cards for their PayPal verifications.

Below are the three methods that I have tested and want to recommend to you. I would like you to read the whole content before making your final decisions since some have limitations and some special offers.

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Note that you can apply for these cards without necessary walking to a bank.

Ways To Get Virtual Credit Card In Ghana and Nigeria

1. PalmPay

PalmPay is a payment system that enables you to make payments to friends and family, buy credit and internet data and also allow you to pay your bills.

One thing that I love about PalmPay is that they always reward you whenever you make transactions and you can use these points to buy airtime and data bundle.

They give you a free VISA virtual card that can be used anywhere VISA is accepted.

Requirements for your Virtual Credit Card

You must be Tier 2 member before you can apply for a card. In order to be a Tier 2 member, you need to verify your identity by taking a selfie with you an ID card, drivers license, SSNIT card etc.


Max 24 hours debitGHC10,000.00
Max Card BalanceGHC45,000.00
Max Card Load amount per 24 hoursGHC2,750.00
Max Card Load amount per 24 transactionGHC2,750.00
Max Card Load amount per MonthGHC70,000.00
Max Card Load amount per QuarterGHC280,000.00
Source: PalmPay App

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Ecobank (Xpress Account)

Ways To Get Virtual Credit Card In Ghana and Nigeria

Ecobank is pan African bank which is operating in 36 Africa countries.

Ecobank’s mobile application enables you to create a virtual VISA card that can be used in many local and international transactions.

I personally use this because, with Ecobank’s mobile app, you can have up to two shopping cards and up to five gift cards.

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With this Ecobank app, you start by creating an Xpress account if you don’t have an account with them.

They offer two types of cards; Shopping cards which you can have maximum of two and gift cards wihch you can also have maximum of 5.

Their Shopping cards cost GHC5.00, valid for 12 months and their Gift cards also cost GHC10.00 which last for only 3 months.

Barter by FlutterWave

Similar to PalmPay, Barter by FlutterWave is a payment service that helps you in paying for your bills, shopping online and buying airtime and data bundle.

Barter by Flutterwave enables you to create unlimited virtual cards for your online purchases.

They also have two types of cards; Virtual card which costs $2.00 and a Gift card which also cost $4.00.

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With the help of the apps mentioned above you can now get your virtual card to buy goods and services and also receive payment worldwide.

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