WhatsApp Update: Mark Zuckerberg has Confirmed 3 New Awaited Features to Come

I got excited the first time I saw this information and it worth sharing with you. WhatsApp is known to be one of our most private messaging app worldwide both on Android and iOS.

Today on WABETAinfo, Will Cathcart together with Mark Zuckerberg announced three amazing features to expect in their new update.

WhatsApp updates are normally base on bug fixes, changes in the privacy policy and terms and conditions and some minor features. But this is a major update with the three most wanted features on WhatsApp.

Mark Zuckerberg mention three updates which are; disappearing mode for all chats, view once and multi-devices support.

Let us dig into these great features one after the other.

Disappearing Message For All Chats

When you enable WhatsApp disappearing messages in a chat or a group, the messages sent to that chat or group after enabling this feature will be there for 7 days and disappears.

In this new update, you can enable this feature for all chats instead of a specific contact or group.

View Once

The View Once feature will let you send a message that can be viewed by the recipient only once.

The message sent will be deleted after the receiver views it for the first time and can not watch it again.

Multi-Device Support

This is one feature that we have been waiting for for so long. You will be able to use your same WhatsApp number on up to 4 devices. In this case, each device will work independently, this means you don’t need one to be active on the internet before the other can be used.

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This will work like Telegram’s multi-device feature. According to Mark, this feature will be available to beta users next month or two and I will give you the update after having a taste of it.

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