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Join us to discover what the 'UR' code means on your Samsung washer and how to fix it effectively—find out more inside!

The ‘UR’ error code on your Samsung washer means there’s an unbalanced load during the spin cycle. This happens when the washer can’t distribute the clothes evenly, leading to excessive vibration and noise. To fix it, pause the washer and redistribute the items inside the drum. Ensure you’re not overloading or underloading the machine, and check that it’s level on the floor. Sometimes, worn suspension springs or faulty position sensors might also cause this issue. Fixing these issues can help prevent future ‘UR’ errors. Stick around for more tips on keeping your washer running smoothly.

Understanding the ‘UR’ Code

The ‘UR’ code on your Samsung washer indicates an unbalanced load during the spin cycle. When this happens, your washer can’t spin properly to remove excess water from your clothes, which can leave them wetter than usual at the end of the cycle. This imbalance can cause the machine to vibrate excessively, making a lot of noise and potentially leading to damage over time.

To fix the ‘UR’ code, you need to redistribute the items inside the drum. Start by pausing the cycle and opening the door. Check to see if the clothes are bunched up on one side. If they are, spread them out more evenly around the drum. Large, heavy items like towels or blankets can cause the problem, so try mixing in smaller items to balance the load.

If redistributing the clothes doesn’t solve the issue, you might need to remove some items to reduce the load size. Overloading the washer can prevent it from spinning correctly. Once you’ve adjusted the load, close the door and resume the cycle. Your washer should now be able to complete the spin cycle without showing the ‘UR’ code.

Common Causes of ‘UR’ Error

Several factors can trigger the ‘UR’ error on your Samsung washer, often related to load distribution and machine settings. First, overloading or underloading your washer can cause imbalance issues. An uneven load can make the drum wobble and fail to spin properly. Second, worn or broken suspension springs can lead to the drum shaking excessively. If these springs lose their tension, they won’t stabilize the drum during cycles.

Another cause could be a faulty position sensor. This sensor monitors the drum’s movement, and if it malfunctions, the washer might misinterpret the drum’s position. Additionally, incorrect leveling of your washer can result in the ‘UR’ error. If your machine isn’t level, it can cause the drum to tilt and create an imbalance. Finally, using the wrong wash settings for the type of load you’re washing can also contribute to this error.

Here’s a quick summary:

Overloading/UnderloadingImbalance due to incorrect load size
Worn Suspension SpringsExcessive shaking from reduced tension
Faulty Position SensorIncorrect drum position monitoring
Incorrect LevelingDrum tilts causing imbalance
Wrong Wash SettingsSettings not matching load type

Identifying an Unbalanced Load

To identify an unbalanced load, check if the drum wobbles or makes excessive noise during the spin cycle. When you hear loud banging or thumping, it’s a strong indication that the load inside the washer isn’t distributed evenly. An unbalanced drum can cause the washer to shake violently, leading to potential damage over time.

Pay close attention to the washer’s movements. If it appears to be walking across the floor or you notice it vibrating more than usual, you’re likely dealing with an unbalanced load. Also, look for any error messages on the washer’s display panel. The ‘UR’ error code is Samsung’s way of alerting you to this issue.

Another telltale sign is if your clothes are still soaking wet after the spin cycle. An unbalanced load prevents the washer from spinning at full speed, which means it can’t effectively remove water from your clothes.

Additionally, you might notice the washer pausing repeatedly during the spin cycle as it attempts to redistribute the load.

Steps to Rebalance Load

First, pause the washer and open the door to redistribute the clothes evenly around the drum. Unevenly distributed laundry can cause the washer to become unbalanced, triggering the UR error code. Make sure to spread out the items so that they aren’t clumped together. This helps the drum spin more smoothly.

Next, check if you have overloaded the washer. An overloaded drum can also lead to imbalance issues. Remove some items if necessary, ensuring there’s enough space for the clothes to move freely. It’s better to do multiple smaller loads than one large, heavy load.

Then, consider the types of items you’re washing. Mixing heavy and light items can cause imbalance. Try to wash similar items together. For example, if you’re washing towels, avoid mixing them with lightweight fabrics.

Lastly, restart the washer and monitor it during the spin cycle. If the UR error persists, pause the machine, and redistribute the load again. Frequent imbalances might indicate that you need to adjust your washing habits or the machine’s settings.

Following these steps can help you avoid the UR error and ensure your washer runs smoothly.

Checking Washer Placement

If redistributing the load doesn’t resolve the UR error, you should check if your washer is level and placed on a stable surface. An uneven washer can cause imbalances during cycles, leading to that annoying UR code.

First, grab a spirit level. Place it on top of your washer, both front-to-back and side-to-side. If the bubble isn’t centered, you’ll need to adjust the feet. Most Samsung washers have adjustable legs. Turn them clockwise to lower the washer and counterclockwise to raise it. Make small adjustments, checking the level between each tweak.

Next, ensure the surface beneath the washer is solid. If your washer sits on a wooden floor, vibrations might be more pronounced. Consider placing an anti-vibration pad or mat under the washer. These pads can absorb some of the motion, making your washer more stable.

Lastly, check for any loose or wobbly legs. Tighten them if necessary. A stable washer not only prevents the UR error but also extends the machine’s lifespan.

Inspecting Suspension Rods

When dealing with persistent UR errors, take a moment to inspect the suspension rods inside your Samsung washer. These rods play a crucial role in stabilizing the drum during the wash and spin cycles. If they’re worn out or damaged, your washer may become unbalanced, triggering the UR error.

First, unplug your washer to ensure safety. Open the top panel to access the suspension rods. You’ll find them connected to the drum and the washer frame. Carefully examine each rod for signs of wear, bending, or breakage. If the rods appear weak or damaged, they need replacement.

To remove a suspension rod, lift the drum slightly to release tension and then unhook the rod from its position. Install the new rod by hooking it back into place and ensuring it’s securely attached to both the drum and the frame. Repeat this process for all rods, even if only one seems damaged, to maintain balanced support.

Reassemble the washer and run a test cycle. If the UR error persists, you’ve eliminated one potential cause, helping you narrow down the issue.

Adjusting Washer Feet

To ensure your Samsung washer remains stable and avoids the UR error, properly adjust the washer feet. Begin by unplugging the washer for safety. Then, locate the adjustable feet at the washer’s base. These feet are crucial for maintaining balance, especially during spin cycles.

Follow these steps to adjust the washer feet:

  • Level the Washer: Use a carpenter’s level placed on top of the washer. Adjust the feet until the bubble is centered.
  • Adjust the Front Feet: Most Samsung washers have front feet that can be easily turned. Twist them clockwise to lower or counterclockwise to raise.
  • Secure the Feet: Once the washer is level, tighten the lock nuts on the feet to keep them in place. This prevents any movement during operation.
  • Check Stability: Push down on opposite corners of the washer. If it rocks, further adjustments are needed until it stands firm.

Properly leveled feet reduce vibrations and help prevent the UR error. Ensuring your washer is stable not only extends its lifespan but also enhances its performance.

When to Call a Technician

Despite your best efforts, there are times when calling a technician becomes necessary for resolving persistent UR errors on your Samsung washer. If you’ve already tried leveling the washer, redistributing the load, and adjusting the washer feet without success, professional help might be your best bet. Technicians have specialized tools and knowledge to diagnose and fix issues that are beyond basic troubleshooting.

For instance, if the UR error is due to a malfunctioning sensor or a faulty drum, these components often require expert handling. Attempting to repair or replace these parts yourself could lead to further damage, void your warranty, or even pose safety risks. Technicians can accurately identify such problems and ensure that any replacements or repairs are performed correctly.

Moreover, if your washer is still under warranty, it’s wise to call a certified Samsung technician. Unauthorized repairs can void your warranty, leading to higher costs down the line. Always keep your washer’s warranty information handy and contact Samsung support to schedule a technician visit.

In essence, knowing when to call a professional can save you time, money, and the headache of dealing with unresolved UR errors.

Preventing Future ‘UR’ Errors

Ensuring your Samsung washer is properly leveled and balanced can significantly reduce the chances of encountering future ‘UR’ errors. First, make sure the washer is sitting on a flat, stable surface. Uneven floors can cause the machine to rock, leading to unbalanced loads. Use a carpenter’s level to check if the washer is even, adjusting the feet as needed.

Overloading the washer is another common cause of ‘UR’ errors. Stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines for load size and distribute clothes evenly inside the drum. Avoid washing heavy items like blankets or rugs with smaller items, as this can lead to imbalance.

Routine maintenance is essential for preventing ‘UR’ errors. Clean the drum and check for foreign objects that might disrupt the balance. Regularly inspect and tighten any loose bolts or screws.

To grab your attention, here are some actionable tips:

  • Level the washer: Use a carpenter’s level and adjust the feet.
  • Don’t overload: Follow load size guidelines and distribute clothes evenly.
  • Regular maintenance: Clean the drum and check for foreign objects.
  • Inspect and tighten: Regularly check and secure any loose parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the ‘Ur’ Code Stand for on a Samsung Washer?

You’re seeing the ‘UR’ code on your Samsung washer because it’s indicating an unbalanced load. Redistribute the clothes evenly inside the drum, and it should resolve the issue and allow the cycle to continue.

Can a ‘Ur’ Error Cause Permanent Damage to My Washer?

Yes, a ‘UR’ error can cause permanent damage if you ignore it. Address the unbalanced load immediately to prevent excessive wear and tear on the drum and motor, ensuring your washer’s longevity.

How Often Should I Check for Unbalanced Loads?

You should check for unbalanced loads every time you do laundry. It only takes a moment and helps prevent potential issues. Catching unbalanced loads early can save you from bigger problems down the line.

Yes, Samsung recommends using high-efficiency (HE) detergents for their washers. Look for the HE symbol on the detergent packaging. Using the correct detergent ensures optimal performance and helps prevent excessive suds and potential damage.

How Do I Reset My Samsung Washer After Fixing a ‘Ur’ Error?

To reset your Samsung washer after fixing a ‘ur’ error, unplug it for about 10 minutes. Plug it back in, then press the power button. This should clear the error and reset your washer.


To wrap things up, dealing with a ‘UR’ code on your Samsung washer might seem daunting, but it’s manageable.

By identifying and rebalancing unbalanced loads, ensuring your washer’s placement, inspecting suspension rods, and adjusting the washer feet, you can often fix the issue yourself.

If problems persist, don’t hesitate to call a technician.

By taking these steps, you’ll prevent future ‘UR’ errors and keep your washer running smoothly.

You’ve got this!

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